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Non-Executive Board Services

As a Board Chairman and Non-Executive Director, I can actively participate in the board's role of guiding the business and ensuring its success via:


  • Ensuring policies and processes in place to ensure the regulatory and legal compliance of the business

  • Ensuring there is a robust decision making process and clear accountabilities

  • Ensuring business performance and risks are monitored

  • Making sure board information is evidence based, not based on trust – to be assured that the business is in good shape


  • Ensuring business has a robust and clear strategy

  • Checking everyone is aligned behind the strategy

  • Ensuring strategy will deliver a clear vision (e.g. profit, growth, exit)

  • Checking if the business has the resources needed to execute the strategy


  • Helping set the tone, culture and values of the business

  • Making sure the organisation is living the values

  • Holding executives to account – does their behaviour demonstrate the values


  • Sharing responsibility for the financial well-being of the business

  • Ensuring the business is properly resourced (to operate, to pay its bills, to execute its strategy)

  • Ensuring the business is compliant with financial regulations

  • Ensuring the business has processes in place to track and manage income and expenditure

  • Ensuring appropriate approval authorities are in place

Technology Company Due Diligence


I can assist potential investors or acquirers of a high-tech Company, with due diligence on:

  • the competitive landscape around the Company's products and services

  • the intellectual property landscape around the Company's technology

  • the technological readiness level of the Company's products

  • the market opportunity for the Company's products and services

Business Strategy Consultancy

As a Business Strategy Consultant, I can help set the Company onto a path where there is a clear strategy that everyone in the Company is aware of and bought in to, with a specific, goal-oriented process to ensure execution success. To do this, I can replicate the methodology and toolset that I used to set my own business on a path that eventually led to a high value trade sale. This methodology and toolset breaks down into 6 clear segments:


  • Create a clear, concise vision that the whole organisation is able to see and get behind


  • Make sure the right people are in the right seats

  • Use a clear, documented process to establish accountability for the various parts of the business, and a way to measure how those accountable are delivering


  • Establish data to track company and people performance

  • Create a set of key performance indicators that measure the health of the business and give early warning of problems, and assign accountability to each KPI


  • Implement a very effective process for identifying issues early and dealing with them befre they become harmful


  • Provide clarity about how the business processes should be run, removing ambiguity and engendering ownership of responsibilities


  • Set, and execute a clear path to executing the vision, broken down into specific, measurable quarterly goals with clear accountability

  • Avoid the urgent being the enemy of the important

As an interim Business Strategy Consultant, I can implement such a methodology, tailored to get your business moving in the right direction. When the process is running smoothly, I can hand the reins over and step away. 

Business Development Consultancy


As a Business Development Consultant, I help increase the size and reach of the Company's sales through:

  • identification of multiple market needs for Company's products and services

  • identification of gaps between market needs and Company capability

  • suggesting means to close the identified gaps (through internal development or strategic alliances as appropriate)

  • creation of draft marketing material and campaigns to hook clients in the identified markets

  • investigation of suitable routes to market – e.g. direct selling, distribution, partnering

  • direct sales of Company's products and services, exploiting my extensive sales experience

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